done Definition

  • 1finished; completed
  • 2socially acceptable
  • 3exhausted or worn out

Using done: Examples

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  • Example

    I'm done with my homework.

  • Example

    The meal is almost done cooking.

  • Example

    Are you done with your work yet?

  • Example

    I'm done talking to you.

done Synonyms and Antonyms

Idioms Using done

  • something that is completed successfully


    We finished the project on time and under budget. It's done and dusted.

  • something that has been overused or repeated too many times


    That joke has been done to death. Please come up with something new.

  • to finish with something or someone


    I just want to have done with this project and move on to something else.

Phrases with done

  • a situation that has been finalized and cannot be changed


    The contract is signed, so it's a done deal.

  • in serious trouble or danger


    If we don't find water soon, we're done for.

  • exhausted or worn out


    After running a marathon, I was completely done in.

Origins of done

from Old English 'don', meaning 'to do'


Summary: done in Brief

The word 'done' [dสŒn] means finished or completed, as in 'I'm done with my homework.' It can also mean socially acceptable, as in 'Is it done to wear jeans to the office?' Additionally, 'done' can mean exhausted or worn out, as in 'After running a marathon, I was completely done in.' Phrases like 'done deal' and idioms like 'done and dusted' are used to describe successful completion.