unfaithfulness Definition

the quality or state of being unfaithful; lack of faithfulness or loyalty.

Using unfaithfulness: Examples

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    Her unfaithfulness to her partner led to the end of their relationship.

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    The company's unfaithfulness to its customers resulted in a loss of trust.

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    The politician's unfaithfulness to his promises cost him the election.

unfaithfulness Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for unfaithfulness

Antonyms for unfaithfulness

Phrases with unfaithfulness

  • the act of being unfaithful to one's spouse or partner


    He was devastated when he discovered his wife's marital unfaithfulness.

  • failure to fulfill one's responsibilities or obligations


    The soldier was punished for his unfaithfulness to duty.

  • emotional unfaithfulness

    the act of being emotionally unfaithful to one's partner, such as forming an emotional attachment with someone else


    She accused him of emotional unfaithfulness after discovering his secret conversations with another woman.


Summary: unfaithfulness in Brief

The term 'unfaithfulness' [ˌʌnˈfeɪθf(ə)lnəs] refers to the lack of faithfulness or loyalty, often in the context of relationships or responsibilities. It can manifest as 'marital unfaithfulness,' 'unfaithfulness to duty,' or 'emotional unfaithfulness.' Synonyms include 'infidelity,' 'disloyalty,' and 'betrayal.'