unload Definition

  • 1remove goods from (a vehicle, ship, container, etc.)
  • 2relieve oneself of (something)
  • 3discharge or release (a load or cargo)

Using unload: Examples

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  • Example

    The workers unloaded the truck quickly.

  • Example

    She unloaded her worries onto her friend.

  • Example

    The ship unloaded its cargo at the port.

unload Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with unload

  • to express one's anger, frustration, or problems to someone else


    I had a terrible day at work and just needed to unload on my partner when I got home.

  • to remove clean dishes from the dishwasher


    Can you please unload the dishwasher while I finish making breakfast?

  • to relieve oneself of a heavy emotional or mental burden


    Talking to a therapist can help you unload the burden of anxiety or depression.


Summary: unload in Brief

To 'unload' [ˌʌnˈləʊd] means to remove goods from a vehicle or relieve oneself of something. It can also refer to discharging or releasing a load or cargo. Examples include 'The workers unloaded the truck quickly' and 'She unloaded her worries onto her friend.' Phrases include 'unload on someone,' meaning to express one's anger or frustration, and 'unload a burden,' meaning to relieve oneself of a heavy emotional or mental burden.

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