unmasked Definition

  • 1revealed the true identity or nature of someone or something
  • 2without a mask

Using unmasked: Examples

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    The whistleblower unmaksed the corruption within the company.

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    The thief was unmasked by the security camera.

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    The superhero fought the villain unmasked.

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    The true nature of the politician was unmasked during the investigation.

unmasked Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for unmasked

Phrases with unmasked

  • unmask one's feelings

    to reveal or express one's true emotions or thoughts


    After years of hiding his feelings, he finally unmasked his love for her.

  • to reveal or uncover the true facts or reality of a situation


    The journalist worked tirelessly to unmask the truth behind the scandal.

  • to expose or reveal a falsehood or deception


    The detective was able to unmask the lie and solve the case.


Summary: unmasked in Brief

The term 'unmasked' [ˌʌnˈmɑːskt] means to reveal the true identity or nature of someone or something, or to be without a mask. It can be used in various contexts such as exposing corruption, revealing emotions, or uncovering the truth. Examples include 'The whistleblower unmasked the corruption within the company,' and 'The thief was unmasked by the security camera.' Synonyms include 'exposed' and 'revealed,' while antonyms include 'masked' and 'hidden.'