unquestionable Definition

  • 1undeniable; beyond doubt or dispute
  • 2not open to question; indisputable

Using unquestionable: Examples

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  • Example

    The evidence against him was unquestionable.

  • Example

    Her talent as a singer is unquestionable.

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    The company's success is unquestionable.

unquestionable Synonyms and Antonyms


Summary: unquestionable in Brief

The term 'unquestionable' [ʌnˈkwɛs.tʃə.nə.bəl] means undeniable, beyond doubt or dispute, and not open to question. It is often used to describe evidence, talent, or success that is indisputable. Synonyms include 'indisputable,' 'undeniable,' and 'incontestable.' Antonyms include 'questionable,' 'doubtful,' and 'debatable.'