untruth Definition

a false statement; a lie.

Using untruth: Examples

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  • Example

    He accused her of spreading untruths about him.

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    The article contained several untruths.

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    She was caught in an untruth and had to apologize.

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    Politicians are often accused of telling untruths.

untruth Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for untruth

Phrases with untruth

  • in reality; actually


    In truth, he was never really interested in the job.

  • to say something that is not completely true in order to deceive someone or to avoid telling the whole truth


    He bent the truth a little to make himself look better.

  • half-truth

    a statement that is partly true but leaves out important information


    He told me a half-truth about his involvement in the project.


Summary: untruth in Brief

The term 'untruth' [ˌʌnˈtruːθ] refers to a false statement or lie. It is commonly used to describe situations where someone has spread false information, such as 'He accused her of spreading untruths about him.' The phrase 'in truth' means actually or in reality, while 'bend the truth' refers to saying something that is not completely true to deceive someone.