[yoo s-fuh l-nis]

usefulness Definition

  • 1the quality of being able to be used for a practical purpose or function
  • 2the degree to which something is useful

Using usefulness: Examples

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  • Example

    The usefulness of this tool cannot be overstated.

  • Example

    The usefulness of the new software was immediately apparent.

  • Example

    The usefulness of exercise in maintaining good health is well-documented.

usefulness Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for usefulness

Antonyms for usefulness

Phrases with usefulness

  • not having any practical value or function


    The old computer was of no usefulness and had to be replaced.

  • to doubt or challenge the practical value or function of something


    Some people question the usefulness of social media in promoting business growth.

  • put to good/useful effect

    to make practical use of something in a positive way


    The company put the new technology to good use, increasing productivity and efficiency.


Summary: usefulness in Brief

Usefulness [yoo s-fuh l-nis] refers to the quality of being practical and functional, as well as the degree to which something is useful. It can be applied to tools, software, and even exercise. Phrases like 'of no usefulness' and 'question the usefulness of' express doubt or lack of practical value, while 'put to good/useful effect' denotes making practical use of something in a positive way.