user Definition

a person or thing that uses something, especially a computer or other electronic device.

Using user: Examples

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    The user clicked on the wrong button.

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    This software is designed for novice users.

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    The website has millions of daily users.

user Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for user

Phrases with user

  • the person who uses a product or service, especially software or hardware, after it has been developed and made available


    The company conducted a survey to better understand the needs of the end users.

  • a person who has advanced knowledge and skills in using a particular software or system


    The power user was able to troubleshoot the issue quickly and efficiently.

  • the means by which a user interacts with a computer or other electronic device


    The user interface of this app is very intuitive and easy to use.


Summary: user in Brief

A 'user' [ˈjuːzər] is a person or thing that uses something, particularly an electronic device or computer. It can refer to a wide range of people, from novice users to power users, and extends to phrases like 'end user' and 'user interface.'

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