vigor Definition

  • 1physical or mental strength, energy, or force
  • 2enthusiasm or intensity

Using vigor: Examples

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    She exercised with vigor every morning.

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    The team played with great vigor and determination.

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    He spoke with vigor about his beliefs.

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    The plant grew with renewed vigor after being watered.

vigor Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using vigor

  • with increased strength or energy after a period of rest or recovery


    After taking a break, she returned to work with renewed vigor and enthusiasm.

  • vim and vigor

    lively energy and enthusiasm


    The children played with vim and vigor, running and laughing in the park.

  • to weaken or diminish the strength or energy of something


    The bad news took the vigor out of the team's performance.

Phrases with vigor

  • maximum strength or energy


    The athlete returned to the game with full vigor after recovering from an injury.

  • robust health and energy


    The supplement claims to promote vigor and vitality in older adults.

  • the physical and mental strength and energy associated with young age


    He was amazed at the vigor of youth displayed by his grandson.

Origins of vigor

from Old French 'vigueur', from Latin 'vigor', meaning 'active force, energy'


Summary: vigor in Brief

'Vigor' [ˈvɪɡər] refers to physical or mental strength, energy, or force, as well as enthusiasm or intensity. It can be seen in activities like exercise, sports, and work, as well as in speech and beliefs, as in 'He spoke with vigor about his beliefs.' 'Vigor' is often paired with phrases like 'full vigor,' 'vigor and vitality,' and idioms like 'vim and vigor,' which denote lively energy and enthusiasm.