voluble Definition

  • 1speaking or spoken incessantly and fluently
  • 2fluent
  • 3talking easily and at length

Using voluble: Examples

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  • Example

    She was a voluble speaker, always ready to share her opinions.

  • Example

    The politician's voluble speech lasted for hours.

  • Example

    He was so voluble that he never let anyone else speak during the meeting.

voluble Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for voluble

Phrases with voluble

  • a tendency to speak excessively or without restraint


    Her voluble tongue often got her into trouble.

  • a conversation that is lively, fluent, and continuous


    Their voluble conversation lasted for hours.

  • a person who is talkative, outgoing, and expressive


    Her voluble personality made her popular among her colleagues.

Origins of voluble

from Latin 'volubilis', meaning 'rolling'


Summary: voluble in Brief

'Voluble' [ˈvɒljʊbəl] describes someone who speaks incessantly and fluently. It is often used to describe people who talk easily and at length, as in 'She was a voluble speaker, always ready to share her opinions.' 'Voluble' can also be used to describe conversations, personalities, and tongues.