garrulous Definition

excessively talkative, especially on trivial matters.

Using garrulous: Examples

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    My garrulous neighbor talks for hours about nothing.

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    The garrulous salesman wouldn't stop talking about his product.

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    She was known for being garrulous and often talked over others in conversations.

garrulous Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with garrulous

  • an elderly person who talks excessively and often repetitively


    The garrulous old man at the park would tell anyone who would listen about his life story.

  • loud and excessive laughter that is often annoying or inappropriate


    Her garrulous laughter during the serious meeting was not appreciated by her colleagues.

  • a long and rambling speech that lacks focus or substance


    The politician's garrulous speech failed to address the important issues facing the country.

Origins of garrulous

from Latin 'garrire', meaning 'to chatter'


Summary: garrulous in Brief

The term 'garrulous' [ˈɡær.əl.əs] refers to someone who talks excessively, often about trivial matters. It is used to describe people who are loquacious, chatty, or rambling, and is often associated with negative connotations. Examples include 'My garrulous neighbor talks for hours about nothing,' and 'The garrulous salesman wouldn't stop talking about his product.'