voyage Definition

a long journey, especially by ship.

Using voyage: Examples

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    The voyage from England to India took six months.

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    Magellan's voyage around the world was a historic achievement.

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    The Titanic's maiden voyage ended in tragedy.

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    We're planning a voyage to the Caribbean next year.

voyage Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with voyage

  • an exploratory journey, especially one made by sea or in space, to learn about something new


    The voyages of Christopher Columbus were voyages of discovery.

  • a journey that is considered to be the most exciting or memorable experience of one's life


    Their trip to Antarctica was a voyage of a lifetime.

  • a journey that is easy and without problems


    Thanks to good weather and calm seas, our cruise was a smooth sailing voyage.

Origins of voyage

from Old French 'voiage', from Latin 'viaticum', meaning 'provisions for a journey'


Summary: voyage in Brief

The term 'voyage' [ˈvɔɪ.ɪdʒ] refers to a long journey, typically by ship, such as Magellan's historic voyage around the world. It can also denote a journey of exploration, as in 'voyage of discovery,' or a memorable experience, as in 'voyage of a lifetime.' 'Voyage' is often used formally, as in 'The voyage from England to India took six months,' but can also be used informally, as in 'We're planning a voyage to the Caribbean next year.'

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