wasteful Definition

  • 1using more of something than is necessary, especially money, time, or resources
  • 2tending to waste or squander resources

Using wasteful: Examples

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  • Example

    Buying bottled water is wasteful when you can drink tap water.

  • Example

    He was criticized for his wasteful spending habits.

  • Example

    The company's wasteful practices led to environmental damage.

  • Example

    Leaving the lights on all night is a wasteful use of electricity.

wasteful Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with wasteful

  • spending money on things that are not necessary or useful


    The government was criticized for its wasteful expenditure on unnecessary projects.

  • wasteful use of resources

    using resources in a way that is not efficient or productive


    The factory was shut down due to its wasteful use of resources.

  • behaviors that lead to the unnecessary use of resources


    We need to change our wasteful habits and start conserving water and energy.


Summary: wasteful in Brief

The term 'wasteful' [ˈweɪstfəl] refers to using more resources than necessary, often in terms of money, time, or materials. It can describe behaviors like leaving lights on all night or buying bottled water instead of drinking tap water. 'Wasteful' extends into phrases like 'wasteful expenditure,' and idioms like 'money down the drain,' denoting a sense of loss or futility.

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