withdrawing Definition

  • 1remove or take away (something) from a particular place or position
  • 2cease to participate in an activity or be a member of a group

Using withdrawing: Examples

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  • Example

    He withdrew his hand from the fire.

  • Example

    The company withdrew its sponsorship of the event.

  • Example

    She withdrew her candidacy for the position.

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    The army withdrew from the city.

withdrawing Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for withdrawing

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Phrases with withdrawing

  • to take money out of a bank account


    I need to withdraw some cash from the ATM.

  • withdrawal symptoms

    physical or mental symptoms that occur after stopping or reducing the use of a drug or other addictive substance


    He experienced severe withdrawal symptoms after quitting smoking.

  • a personality type characterized by introversion, shyness, and avoidance of social situations


    She has a withdrawn personality and prefers to spend time alone.


Summary: withdrawing in Brief

The verb 'withdrawing' [wɪðˈdrɔɪŋ] means to remove or take away something from a particular place or position, or to cease participation in an activity or group. Examples include 'He withdrew his hand from the fire' and 'She withdrew her candidacy for the position.' Phrases like 'withdraw money' and 'withdrawal symptoms' are also common.