wobbly Definition

  • 1shaky and unsteady in movement
  • 2not firm or secure

Using wobbly: Examples

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  • Example

    The table was wobbly and needed to be fixed.

  • Example

    She felt wobbly after the long hike.

  • Example

    The toddler took a few wobbly steps before falling down.

wobbly Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for wobbly

Phrases with wobbly

  • wobbly chair

    a chair that is unstable and moves around when sat on


    I need to fix this wobbly chair before someone falls off of it.

  • legs that are shaky and unsteady, often due to exhaustion or illness


    After running the marathon, her legs were wobbly and weak.

  • a voice that is unsteady and shaky, often due to nervousness or emotion


    She tried to speak, but her wobbly voice betrayed her nerves.


Summary: wobbly in Brief

The term 'wobbly' [ˈwɒbli] describes something that is shaky, unsteady, or not firm. It can refer to physical objects like a wobbly table or a person's movements like taking wobbly steps. The word can also describe a person's physical state, such as feeling wobbly after a long hike.