shaky Definition

  • 1tending to shake or tremble
  • 2not firm or secure
  • 3uncertain or unreliable

Using shaky: Examples

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  • Example

    She felt shaky after the earthquake.

  • Example

    The table was shaky and wobbled when I put my drink on it.

  • Example

    The company's financial situation is still shaky.

  • Example

    His voice sounded shaky as he gave the speech.

shaky Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with shaky

  • to hurry up or get moving


    Come on, shake a leg! We're going to be late.

  • in an uncertain or unstable situation


    The company is on shaky ground financially and may have to lay off employees.

  • shake someone's confidence

    to make someone feel uncertain or insecure


    The negative feedback from his boss shook his confidence in his abilities.


Summary: shaky in Brief

The term 'shaky' [ˈʃeɪki] describes something that tends to shake or tremble, is not firm or secure, or is uncertain or unreliable. Examples include feeling shaky after an earthquake, a shaky table that wobbles, or a company's shaky financial situation. Phrases like 'shake a leg' mean to hurry up, while 'on shaky ground' refers to an uncertain or unstable situation.

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