wooden Definition

  • 1made of wood
  • 2lacking ease or flexibility; awkwardly stiff

Using wooden: Examples

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  • Example

    The room was furnished with wooden chairs and tables.

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    He gave a wooden performance in the play.

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    The athlete's movements were wooden and lacked grace.

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    The house had a wooden exterior.

wooden Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for wooden

Phrases with wooden

  • a booby prize given to the person who finishes last in a competition


    He received the wooden spoon for coming in last place in the race.

  • wooden-headed

    stubborn, inflexible, or stupid


    His wooden-headed refusal to listen to reason caused him to lose the opportunity.

  • language that is stiff, formal, or lacking in emotion


    The politician's speech was full of wooden language and failed to connect with the audience.

Origins of wooden

from Old English 'wudu'


Summary: wooden in Brief

The term 'wooden' [ˈwʊdn] refers to something made of wood or lacking ease and flexibility. It can describe furniture, buildings, or performances, as in 'The room was furnished with wooden chairs and tables.' 'Wooden' also appears in phrases like 'wooden spoon,' which is a booby prize given to the last-place finisher in a competition.

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