woody Definition

  • 1consisting of or resembling wood; wooden
  • 2having many trees or much wooded land

Using woody: Examples

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    The woody texture of the table was rough to the touch.

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    The park is a woody area with lots of trees and greenery.

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    The cabin was surrounded by a woody forest.

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    The woody scent of the pine trees filled the air.

woody Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with woody

  • a plant that has hard stems, branches, and roots, such as a tree or shrub


    The garden was full of woody plants like oak trees and rose bushes.

  • woody allen

    an American filmmaker, writer, actor, and comedian known for his neurotic and witty humor


    Woody Allen's films are often characterized by their intellectual humor and complex characters.

  • a stem made of wood, typically found in trees and shrubs


    The woody stem of the rose bush was thick and sturdy.


Summary: woody in Brief

The term 'woody' [ˈwʊdi] refers to something that is made of or resembles wood, such as a woody texture or scent. It can also describe an area with many trees or much wooded land, like a woody forest or park. 'Woody' extends into phrases like 'woody plant,' denoting a plant with hard stems, and 'Woody Allen,' referring to the American filmmaker known for his neurotic humor.

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