works Definition

  • 1the place where a person goes to do their job, especially a factory or a place where things are made or repaired
  • 2a group of buildings and the land that they are on, especially ones that belong to a particular company or organization
  • 3a literary or musical composition or other piece of art

Using works: Examples

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  • Example

    I work at a steel works.

  • Example

    The car works are located in Detroit.

  • Example

    His latest work is a novel.

  • Example

    The works of Shakespeare are widely studied in schools.

  • Example

    She is studying the works of Beethoven for her music class.

works Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for works

Phrases with works

  • in the process of being planned or developed


    There are some new projects in the works for next year.

  • to find a way to make something function or be successful


    We had to make the old computer work until we could afford a new one.

  • all in a day's work

    something that is part of a normal day's activities or responsibilities


    Dealing with difficult customers is all in a day's work for a customer service representative.


Summary: works in Brief

The term 'works' [wɜːks] refers to a place of employment, typically a factory or manufacturing plant. It can also refer to a group of buildings and land belonging to a company or organization. In addition, 'works' can refer to a literary or musical composition or other piece of art. Phrases like 'in the works' and 'make something work' are common idiomatic expressions.