yet Definition

  • 1up to the present or a specified time; by now or then
  • 2used to introduce a further comment, question, or statement
  • 3nevertheless; in spite of that

Using yet: Examples

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  • Example

    I haven't finished my homework yet.

  • Example

    Have you seen the movie yet?

  • Example

    He hasn't called me back yet.

  • Example

    I'm not sure if I can come yet.

yet Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for yet

  • still
  • until now
  • so far
  • as yet

Antonyms for yet

Phrases with yet

  • used to indicate that something has not happened or been done up to the present time


    I haven't eaten breakfast yet.

  • used to emphasize that something, typically an unwelcome event, has happened again


    Yet again, the team lost the game in the final minutes.

  • up to the present time; so far


    As yet, we haven't received any news about the project.

Origins of yet

from Old English 'gietan', meaning 'to get'


Summary: yet in Brief

The adverb 'yet' [jet] indicates that something has not happened or been done up to the present time. It is often used to introduce a further comment or question, as in 'Have you seen the movie yet?' 'Yet' can also mean 'nevertheless,' as in 'I'm not sure if I can come yet.' Phrases like 'not yet' and 'as yet' are common, while idioms using 'yet' are rare.

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