Do You Like Watching Netflix?👀

Do You Like Watching Netflix?👀

Dec 3, 2021
I've Been Binge Watching 'Hellbound' and It's Ruining My Daily Routines😅
'Hellbound' is the new 'Squid Game'. South Korean TV shows have started to dominate the global content market. That means that as a Korean, I have more topics to talk about with my international friends. A few of my friends are so caught up in watching these K-series that they won't check their phones!🤣 I've prepared a few tips for you. Use these expressions when talking with a friend in English and you'll be 'kkanbu' in no time! (🗣By the way, I heard that the RedKiwi app is the Netflix in the English studying app world!)

👩‍💻 I’m Going to Spend the Weekend Binge Watching Netflix

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When watching a TV series, do you feel the urge to finish them all in a day? Isn't that what make TV series so fun? The word 'binge', which means to indulge in an activity, especially eating, in excess. When used with the word watch, as 'binge watch' it means watching multiple episodes of a TV program. Try searching 'Best series to binge watch' and you'll get a lot of good reccomendations!
🔥'I'm going to spend the weekend binge watching Netflix'

👥 I Paid for a Nexflix Ticket? Subscription? Pass?

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One of the biggest advantages of using Netflix is that you can share an account. When thinking of Netflix payment, the words 'ticket', 'pass', etc might cross your mind.🙄 The best expression to use is, 'Pay for Netflix access'. A payment for Netflix can be easily explained as 'Netflix access'!
👥'How many people can access one Netflix account?'

🤯 Netflix Syndrome?

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It's an evident fact that due to the COVID-19 pandemic we had more time at home. Did we workout at home? No. Did we study? No. Did we watch more Netflix? Yes! This is probably one of the reasons why this expression 'Netflix Syndrome' might have been created. I'd like to confess that sometimes, I spend more time searching than actually watching something on Netflix👀 When I have too many options, it feels harder to choose! Here's the definition to the new syndrome.
'A chronic condition where one is unable to make a definitive decision when presented with an abundance of options.'