Stop Saying Just 'Good'!

Stop Saying Just 'Good'!

Jan 28, 2022
Want To Say a Special or Huge Compliment but Can’t Think of It in English?💦
When your friend has done something amazing, or tried their best but didn’t get a good result, When your friend who never dresses up shows up all dressed-up, etc. In situations like this, a simple compliment might not feel enough. You might want to say a special compliment. Learn and memorize these expressions so that you can give a compliment with all of your heart and also give credit to people who deserve it!🙋🏻‍♀️

🥲 We Lost but We Put Up a Good Fight

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It takes courage to start a new challenge but having just courage sometimes isn’t enough for a good result. Learn an English expression to tell a friend in a situation like this. Meaning 'it was a good attempt', 'you did your best’, you can use the expression, 'You made a noble effort'. The words 'noble effort' means having or showing high moral qualities or character in their effort. You could just say 'Nice try' but depending on the way you talk, it might sound sarcastic, so be careful.👀

🥳 How To Give a Special or Huge Compliment

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What expression should you use to compliment someone in a touching situation? You can use 'I'm so impressed!' which means that you’ve experienced a strong, lasting, or favorable effect. If the person you want to compliment is doing an excellent job and you think they don’t need to make any big improvements, you can say, 'Keep up the good work.' and give them the courage to keep going.🙌

🙏 No More "You're welcome".

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How many times have you said the textbook expression "You're welcome"?🤣 If you're told a huge compliment but you feel it's exaggerated, you can simply say "Not at all.” It has a similar nuance as 'Don't mention it'. A similar expression is 'Oh please'. You’ve probably heard it before while watching a TV show. You can also express your deep gratitude for a special compliment by saying 'That's really nice of you'. You can use it to thank the person for saying the compliment.