Dec 31, 2021

The RedKiwi Marketer’s View on English App Marketing🙋🏻‍♀️📱

Do you need to be good at English
to work for an English app company?🤔

It’s the last day of the year 2021! It’s now been 4 months since I joined the RedKiwi Team. Because I work for an English app company, wherever I go, people always ask me, ‘Are you good at English?’. It’d be nice if I was good at English, but personally, I don't think I'm good at English.🥲 We have several English translators in our team, so our marketers actually aren’t required high English proficiency. 👀 I've worked at a few other companies, but it's my first time working for an English app company. I'd like to share a few things that I felt while working as a marketer for an English app with you Kiwis.

Why do users study English?📊

Why do you study English? For school? To take the TOEIC test? For Travel? Or to talk freely with foreigners? RedKiwi is available in various countries such as Japan, Korea, Vietnam, and South America. I noticed that there was a difference in the purpose of studying English for each county. For example, in Japan, ‘English listening’ is popular! On the other hand, in Korea, people are more interested in keywords such as ‘English speaking’ and ‘Vocabulary’ than ‘English listening’. In South America, the demand for 'English conversation' is definitely higher than exams or grammar. After discovering the different needs of our users, we've customized our marketing to fit the prime keyword of each country.😉

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Our competitors are actually English Classes?🏫

I think English academies and English tutors are the biggest competitors for English apps! It’s hard to deny that people still think that English should be taught by teachers in class. However, there are usually several students in a class, so the teacher doesn't care only about me, and private lessons are too expensive. (If I saved the money I spent on English lessons, I would have bought a car.😥)

I’m confident in saying that English apps these days also provide high-quality education. English experts have gathered to find the best way to learn and provide personalized content for the level of each individual user. In addition, costs are relatively low because users don’t need to pay for using space or for the labor cost of teachers. That’s why I think English apps are as efficient as English classes and tutoring. I hope more people can learn English quickly and effectively through English apps!

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Aren’t English apps one-way classes?👩‍🏫

Sometimes people negative about English apps often say, "How will solving quizzes on my own, using an app, help me to speak English?” We’ve thought a lot about this question too.🤔 Knowing that ‘output’ is as important as 'input', we thought about how to create an "output" environment within an English app. This is why we’re introducing the second service of RedKiwi, "LingoTalk". Using the Slack app (that many of you are using at work), it’ll allow you to chat with native English speakers. It's not AI or a chatbot, but actual native English speakers talking with you. Users that tested LingoTalk said that they felt as if they had made a new friend! They’ll help correct your English while talking about various topics like a real friend. It's not a phone call, so there's no pressure. I'm confident that many of you will like it. 😎

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