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Is "giving someone away" a general expression? What does it mean?

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This conversation is happening in reference to the wedding. "Giving away" the bride is the moment at the wedding where the bride leaves the hands of her father or parents and joins her groom. This tradition comes from a time when a female child was considered to be the property of her father and so the transferring of “ownership” to her groom on her wedding day was formal and necessary. The tradition of “giving away” would show that the bride’s family would no longer have control over her or her possessions and that her husband would respectfully take on all the responsibilities and obligations that her father used to. In modern weddings it is more of a symbol of the parent's blessing and wish of good health and happiness to the couple. It can be done by either a father or mother, both or indeed any significant person in the bride's life. Ex: A. Who gives this woman to be married to this man? B: I do.

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