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Question List of W21

What is the difference between "famous" and "popular"?

I thought "how much" is used for asking price of something. What does "how much" mean here? How can I use this expression in other context?

When can I use the expression "Look who's here!"?

What type of class does exist in a plane?

What does "little" mean here?

What does "mine" refer to here? The story?

What does "for good" mean here? Does it refer to "a better way" or "forever"? or does it have double entendres?

What does "hire" mean here? Is it a noun?

What is the difference between "figure out" and "find out"?

Is it okay to replace "ask" to "say" here?

What does "work someone's way up" mean?

Is something skipped after "to"?

"Don't worry" here sounds like "Zan worry". Which accent is it? Is it common to pronounce it like this, or is it exceptional case?

What is the meaning of "plot thickens"?

What does "hoard" mean? Does it have a negative nuance?

What does "arm reach" mean?

What is the opposite of "gain weight"? Could you tell me more expressions related to "weight" if you can think of any?

Is the expression "paint someone a little picture" common?

What is the difference between “a while” and “awhile”?

Is "here" located in the front because the speaker wants to emphasize that she's HERE?

What's "fella"?

Why was "that" used in the beginning of the sentence?

If I change "where" to "which" or "that", does the meaning change?

What does "meet" mean here? Is it different from the word "meet" in "nice to meet you"?

What does it mean? Being almost dead makes him hungry? Also how to use "nothing like"? What's the missing verb?

What is the expression "you bet"? When can I use it?

What does "full dental" mean here? Is it "full dental coverage insurance"? and is it still understandable even though it's shortened?

Why does he put "to" there? Isn't it right to say "I like party"?

I don't understand the structure of the sentence.

What's the difference between "chant" and "song"?

What is "frowny face"?

Are "welcome to ~" and "welcome aboard ~" the same?

I think I have heard of the expression "welcome aboard" in the company, too. When can I use this expression?

What is skipped in front of this sentence?

Why did he say "his people" not just "people"? What kind of people is he referring? Is it common to call people with possessive word like "his"?

Can I say "put in a ramp" instead?

Can I replace "from" to "to" here? Considering the meaning "to" seems more appropriate.

What does "take a step back" mean?

What does "short-haul" mean?

What's the difference between "conquer" and "overcome"?

Can I think of "elsewhere" as "somewhere else"?

This sentence seems grammatically wrong. Is it okay?

Is the subject skipped in this sentence? How does the verb "looks" come at the front of the sentence?

What does "all the way" mean? What kind of nuance is that?

Why does she use "either" not "both" here?

Could you explain the expression "get no shot"?

What does "fast forward" mean here?

Please teach me the words that have the same meaning of "enormity".

I don't quite understand the structure of the phrase "for some time now", does it have a same meaning as "for a while"?

Please tell me the difference between "feline" and "cat".

I learned the word "either" is singular. Is the sentence "Have either of you" gramatically correct?

Can I use "catch" instead of "fetch"?

Would the meaning change if he says "don't" instead of "won't"? I won't ask a second time. VS I don't ask a second time.

What does "self-talk" mean?

What is the meaning of "buy someone off"?

I hear "〇〇 basis" a lot. But when do you use this expression?

Is "my forest" a metaphor of something?

When can I use the word "iconic"? Could you give some examples?

Are "what you got there?" and "what did you get there?" the same?

What is the meaning of "parse out"?

What does "grown-up" mean?

How do you use "Oh my God" and "Oh my goodness"? Is there any difference?

What does "batch" mean here? Is this word normally used in the lab?

What does "they" refer here?

What does "goss" mean?

What does "locals" mean here?

Can the word "crew" be both verb and noun? I thought it was used as a noun in the front.

What does "goof" mean here?

Can I use "hide" instead of "conceal"?

When can I use “what’s your story”?

Should I always use "over" when I use the verb "control"?

What does "send-off" mean? What are the synonyms for the "send-off"?

What does "Make 'em" mean?

What does "pep talk" mean?

¿Qué es "ya"?

When can I use the expression "no matter"?

What does "scars" mean? Does "scars" generally mean "flaw"?

Is something skipped after "will"?

What does "wreck up" mean?

What is the difference between "picture" and "imagine"?

What does "all that" mean here? How can I use this expression?

Is it okay to use "better" in front of "have"? Isn't "better" an adjective?

What does "I guess" mean in this case? Is he guessing his own intention?

What does "sort of" mean here?

What is "dealies"? Is it a plural of something?

I think it's a polite form of the imperative, but why is "to" at the beginning of the sentence? Shouldn't it be started with "try"?

I learned that fella means something like friends. But this situation doesn't seem friendly, but is it okay to call someone by "fella"?

What does “throw that word around” mean in this line?

Can I say "Who" instead? Why does he say "What"? Is it because he is referring to non-human?

What's “kinda”?

What does "as well" mean here? and where else can I put "as well" in the sentence?

What does "part" mean if it is used as a verb?

Is it okay to put just adjective after "one of the most ~"? I thought only noun can come after it like "one of the most important things".

What is the difference between "purchase" and "buy"?

When can I use the word "uncanny"? Does it contain negative meaning?

In this sentence, what is the difference between using "over" and "during"?

If I say "eat healthy" rather than "eat healthily", does it become wrong?

What's the difference between "let's start" and "let's get started"?

Can I say "cute" and "little" in reverse order, like "Little cute guy"?

What does "take a while" mean? and what are the other similar expressions of this?

What does "gish" here mean?

Is "here it is" same as "here is" or "here is it"?

Does "up" mean "ready" in this context?

What does "funky-looking" mean?

What does “hang in there” mean?

What's "21-gun salute"?

What's the meaning of "scrap" here?

Isn't "focus" a verb? How can he say "I have a focus"?

Is it okay to not have preposition between "paint" and "the wall"? I thought something like "I spray paint TO/ON the walls" might be grammatically right.

When can I use the expression "keep the change"?

Should I always say "the HouseS of Parliament" with S, not "the House of Parliament"?

What is "dealt with"?

What is the difference between "aeroplane" and just "plane"?

What does "go about sth" mean?

What is "staterooms"?

What is the difference between "watch out" and "be careful"?

Does "on someone's feet" refer to "stand"?

Why does she say "come open", not "come to open"?

Could you tell me how the meaning gets changed if I use "saw" instead of "have seen"?

¿Qué significa "superfood"?

What's the meaning of bond court? Does it mean the District Court or something else?

What does "meaning" mean here? Can I put "wanted" instead?

Why does she say "kid food" not "kid's food"?

Is middle name common in America?

Why did he say "for" not "in"? For me, "in the afternoon" also makes sense.

Is "darn" an adjective? When can I use it?

Does "line" here refer to a "line" for a factory? So Gru is considering a jam manufacturing?

When can I use the expression "I couldn't help it"?

Does "dough" refer to money here?

Is "get to" a necessary part in this sentence? Can I replace "get to meet" with just "meet"?

What does "aptly" mean? Is it commonly used?

Can I use "by foot" instead of "on foot"?

I haven't seen the word "upriver". What does it mean? Then is there a word like "downriver"?

How can "handprint" is on the heart? What does it mean?

Why did he say that it was 22 times of the salute? Did he miscount the numbers?

Is "what a night" used sarcastically here? Could you tell me other situation I can use this expression?

What does "well" mean here?

What does "goons" mean?

What is "stranger"? Whom can I call "stranger"?

When should I use "feet" and when should I use "foot"? Both are about measure, right?

I don't understand the grammatical point of "I'd let you had I known it" part. Could you explain more? (What is the full form of "I'd", which tense it is using, should I split this sentence like "I'd let you had, I know it", etc..)

When can I use this expression "where's your sense at?"?

¿Cómo puedo utilizar la palabra "embracing"?

Does "himself" mean "yourself" here? Why does he say "himself"?

Can I replace "seem" with "look" here?

What is "roundabouts"? Isn't it a traffic word?

What's the difference between "put sth down" and "put down sth"?

What will be the synonym for "adorn"? Is "adorn" used a lot in English?

Is it necessary to say "my son and I" at last? And can I say "my son and me" instead?

Is there any difference in using "old man" and using "father"? Why did he use "old man" instead of "father"?

What does "sth in need" mean?

Is "of" necessary in "thought of"? Could you give some examples with just "thought" (no "of")?

What does "its wearer" mean? Who does it refer to?

How is "can" used here? What does it mean?

Is "love machine" a common expression? What does it mean?

What does “man” mean here?

Are "every hour" and "on the hour" mean the same thing?

What is the role of "in" here? Is "grow in something" an expression?

What does "year-round" mean? Is there any other expression using "-round"?

Can I use "going out of the light" instead of "fading of the light"?

Can I replace "middle-class" with "working class"?

What is "lads"? Is it common to use?

Please tell me the other expression for this sentence. Is it okay to use "sure" or "of course" instead?

What does "mess with" mean?

What does "right" mean here?

What does "fast forward" mean here?

Could you tell me the difference between "lend" and "borrow"?

What does "knock up" mean?

What is "multimillion-pound"?

What does "kind of thought" mean? Does "kind of" mean something?

Who is the "prop guy"? Is it a name of a profession?

Could you explain more about the expression "It's for a good cause"?

What does "upper-middle" mean?

Why the teacher is addressing the student, yes "sir"? I thought sir would be used to address a superior or in a formal situation.

Can I use "to learn" instead of "to learning"?

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