What is the Opposite(Antonym) of “abeyant”?

The Opposite(Antonym) of “abeyant”

The antonyms of abeyant are active, operating, and functioning. The antonyms describe a state of being in operation or functioning, as opposed to being inactive or suspended.

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Definitions and Examples of active, operating, functioning

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Engaged in action or activity; in operation or functioning.


The company's active expansion plans have led to its success in the market.

In a state of functioning or operation.


The machine is operating smoothly after the repairs.

In a state of working or operating correctly.


The new software is functioning well and has improved productivity.

Key Differences: active vs operating vs functioning

  • 1Active implies engagement in action or activity, while operating and functioning describe the state of being in operation or working correctly.
  • 2Operating refers specifically to the state of a machine or system, while active and functioning can be applied more broadly.
  • 3Functioning emphasizes the idea of working correctly, while active and operating do not necessarily imply correctness.

Effective Usage of active, operating, functioning

  • 1Business: Use active to describe a company's operations or expansion plans.
  • 2Technology: Use operating and functioning to describe the state of machines or software.
  • 3Daily Life: Use these antonyms to describe the state of things around you, such as appliances, vehicles, or systems.

Remember this!

The antonyms of abeyant describe a state of being in operation or functioning. Active implies engagement in activity, operating refers specifically to machines or systems, and functioning emphasizes the idea of working correctly. These antonyms can be used in business, technology, and daily life to describe the state of things around us.

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