mood Definition

  • 1a temporary state of mind or feeling
  • 2the atmosphere or pervading tone of something

Using mood: Examples

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  • Example

    She's in a good mood today.

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    The music created a relaxing mood.

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    The dark clouds created a gloomy mood.

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    The movie's mood was tense and suspenseful.

mood Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using mood

  • to feel sad or depressed


    She's been in a blue mood ever since her dog died.

  • to feel like doing or having something


    I'm in the mood for some ice cream.

  • to not feel like doing or having something


    I'm in no mood for your jokes right now.

Phrases with mood

  • feeling a particular way, especially wanting to do something


    I'm not really in the mood for pizza tonight.

  • kill the mood

    to do or say something that ruins the pleasant atmosphere or feeling


    His rude comment killed the mood at the party.

  • to create a particular atmosphere or feeling


    The candles and soft music set the mood for a romantic evening.

Origins of mood

from Old English 'mōd', meaning 'mind, feeling, heart, courage'


Summary: mood in Brief

The term 'mood' [muːd] refers to a temporary state of mind or feeling, or the atmosphere or tone of something. It can be used to describe a person's emotional state, as in 'She's in a good mood today,' or the atmosphere of a place or situation, as in 'The music created a relaxing mood.' Common phrases include 'in the mood,' 'kill the mood,' and 'set the mood,' while idioms include 'be in a blue mood' and 'be in the mood for something.'

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