What is the Opposite(Antonym) of “aboveground”?

The Opposite(Antonym) of “aboveground”

The antonyms of aboveground are underground, subterranean, and hidden. These words describe things that are located at different depths or levels.

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Definitions and Examples of underground, subterranean, hidden

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Located beneath the surface of the ground.


The subway system in New York City is mostly underground.

Existing or situated below the ground.


The city has a network of subterranean tunnels that were used during the war.

Kept out of sight; concealed.


The treasure was hidden in a secret compartment.

Key Differences: underground vs subterranean vs hidden

  • 1Underground and subterranean both refer to things that are located beneath the surface of the ground, but subterranean is a more formal term.
  • 2Hidden refers to something that is kept out of sight, while underground and subterranean describe a physical location.

Effective Usage of underground, subterranean, hidden

  • 1Architecture: Use underground and subterranean to describe buildings or structures that are partially or completely below ground level.
  • 2Geography: Use these antonyms to describe the location of natural features such as rivers, caves, or rock formations.
  • 3Mystery: Use hidden to create suspense or intrigue in stories or games.

Remember this!

The antonyms of aboveground describe things that are located at different depths or levels. Underground and subterranean describe things that are beneath the surface of the ground, while hidden refers to something that is kept out of sight. Use these words to describe architecture, geography, or to create mystery in storytelling.

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