What is the Opposite(Antonym) of “ancience”?

The Opposite(Antonym) of “ancience”

The antonyms of ancience are modernity and newness. The antonyms modernity and newness convey a sense of novelty, innovation, and contemporary relevance. They are the opposite of ancience, which implies something old, outdated, or obsolete.

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Definitions and Examples of modernity, newness

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The quality or condition of being modern; the current or contemporary period.


The museum's collection showcases the evolution of art from modernity to post-modernity.

The state or quality of being new, recent, or just created.


The company's success is due to its ability to embrace newness and adapt to changing market trends.

Key Differences: modernity vs newness

  • 1Modernity refers to the current or contemporary period, while ancience refers to something old or outdated.
  • 2Newness describes something that is recently created or introduced, while ancience describes something that is old or ancient.

Effective Usage of modernity, newness

  • 1Discuss History: Use ancience to describe historical artifacts, events, or traditions.
  • 2Talk about Innovation: Use modernity and newness to describe new technologies, products, or ideas.
  • 3Compare and Contrast: Use these antonyms to highlight the differences between old and new, traditional and modern, or past and present.

Remember this!

The antonyms modernity and newness convey a sense of novelty, innovation, and contemporary relevance, while ancience implies something old, outdated, or obsolete. Use these words to discuss history, talk about innovation, and compare and contrast different eras, technologies, or ideas.

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