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a person who practices or studies law, especially (in the UK) a solicitor or a barrister or (in the US) an attorney.

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    He hired a lawyer to represent him in court.

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    She is a successful corporate lawyer.

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    The lawyer advised his client to plead guilty.

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    The defendant was acquitted thanks to his lawyer's defense.

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Idioms Using lawyer

  • lawyer up

    to hire a lawyer or lawyers to represent oneself in a legal matter


    He decided to lawyer up after being charged with a serious crime.

  • a skilled lawyer understands not only the law but also the personalities and tendencies of the judges who will hear their cases


    The lawyer's success in the case was due in part to his knowledge of the judge's preferences and biases.

  • lawyer's wig

    a type of white wig worn by barristers in some countries as part of their court dress


    The lawyer's wig is a symbol of the legal profession in many countries.

Phrases with lawyer

  • a lawyer who specializes in criminal law and represents clients accused of crimes


    The criminal lawyer managed to get his client acquitted of all charges.

  • a lawyer who represents the defendant in a legal proceeding


    The defense lawyer argued that his client was not guilty of the crime.

  • a lawyer who represents the state or government in a criminal case


    The prosecuting lawyer presented evidence that proved the defendant's guilt.

Origins of lawyer

from Middle English 'laweier', meaning 'student of the law'


Summary: lawyer in Brief

A 'lawyer' [ˈlɔɪər] is a professional who practices or studies law. They can be solicitors or barristers in the UK, or attorneys in the US. Lawyers represent clients in legal proceedings, such as trials or negotiations. They can specialize in areas such as criminal law, corporate law, or family law. The phrase 'lawyer up' means to hire a lawyer for legal representation.

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