What is the Opposite(Antonym) of “announces”?

The Opposite(Antonym) of “announces”

The antonyms of announces are conceal and withhold. The antonyms conceal and withhold convey the opposite meaning of announcing or making something known. They imply keeping information secret or hidden.

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Definitions and Examples of conceal, withhold

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To keep something hidden or secret from others.


She tried to conceal her disappointment when she didn't get the job.

To refuse to give or share something; to keep something back.


The company decided to withhold bonuses this year due to financial difficulties.

Key Differences: conceal vs withhold

  • 1Conceal implies actively hiding or covering up information to prevent it from being discovered.
  • 2Withhold implies refusing to give or share information that is expected or required.

Effective Usage of conceal, withhold

  • 1Communication: Use announces to inform others about news, events, or changes. Use conceal and withhold to indicate secrecy or lack of transparency.
  • 2Writing: Use these antonyms in writing to create suspense, tension, or intrigue.
  • 3Negotiation: Use withhold to indicate a bargaining position or leverage in negotiations.

Remember this!

The antonyms conceal and withhold convey the opposite meaning of announces. Conceal implies actively hiding information, while withhold implies refusing to give or share information. Use these words to create suspense in writing, indicate secrecy or lack of transparency, or as a bargaining position in negotiations.

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