vote Definition

  • 1a formal indication of a choice between two or more candidates or courses of action, expressed typically through a ballot or a show of hands
  • 2an act of expressing such an indication of choice
  • 3a collective expression of will or opinion

Using vote: Examples

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    I cast my vote for the candidate who promised to lower taxes.

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    The vote was unanimous in favor of the new policy.

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    The senator won the vote by a narrow margin.

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    The citizens exercised their right to vote in the presidential election.

vote Synonyms and Antonyms

Idioms Using vote

  • submit something to a vote or referendum


    The proposal was put to the vote and was approved by a large majority.

  • vote with one's feet

    express a preference or opinion by choosing to support or participate in something, especially by attending a particular event or establishment


    If customers don't like the new menu, they'll vote with their feet and go somewhere else.

  • a formal expression of disapproval or lack of support, typically aimed at a government or other political organization


    The opposition party called for a vote of no confidence in the prime minister.

Phrases with vote

  • a method of voting in which those in favor say 'aye' and those against say 'no'


    The committee decided to take a voice vote on the proposal.

  • casting vote

    a deciding vote cast by the presiding officer of a meeting or assembly when the other votes are equally divided


    The chairman had to use his casting vote to break the tie.

  • a formal expression of support for a government or other political organization, often involving a vote


    The prime minister called for a vote of confidence in his leadership.

Origins of vote

from Latin 'votum', meaning 'a vow or wish'


Summary: vote in Brief

The term 'vote' [voʊt] refers to a formal indication of a choice between candidates or courses of action, expressed through a ballot or show of hands. It can also denote a collective expression of will or opinion. Phrases like 'voice vote' and 'casting vote' describe specific methods of voting, while idioms like 'vote with one's feet' and 'vote of no confidence' express opinions or preferences in different contexts.

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