ballot Definition

  • 1a system or process of voting, in writing and typically in secret.
  • 2a piece of paper used for voting.

Using ballot: Examples

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    The ballot will take place on Monday.

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    Please mark your ballot with an X.

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    The election was decided by a single ballot.

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    The candidate won the ballot by a large margin.

ballot Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with ballot

  • to vote


    Don't forget to cast your ballot before leaving.

  • a ballot that has been incorrectly marked or damaged and is therefore invalid


    There were several spoiled ballots in the last election.

  • a ballot that is mailed to a voter who is unable to be present at the polling station on election day


    I won't be able to vote in person, so I requested an absentee ballot.

Origins of ballot

from Italian 'ballotta', meaning 'little ball'


Summary: ballot in Brief

A 'ballot' [ˈbælət] is a system or process of voting, typically in secret, using a piece of paper. It is used in various contexts, including elections, referendums, and plebiscites. Phrases like 'cast a ballot' and 'absentee ballot' are common, and a 'spoiled ballot' is one that is incorrectly marked or damaged.