election Definition

the process of choosing a person or group of people for a position, especially a political position, by voting.

Using election: Examples

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    The election for the new president will be held next month.

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    He won the election by a narrow margin.

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    The election results were announced on live television.

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    The country is preparing for the upcoming election.

election Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for election

Idioms Using election

  • a phrase used to express confidence that one will win an election


    After the latest poll results, the candidate's team believes the election is in the bag.

  • to compete as a candidate in an election


    She decided to run for election after being encouraged by her supporters.

  • to manipulate the results of an election in order to change the outcome


    There were allegations that the opposition party tried to steal the election by tampering with the ballot boxes.

Phrases with election

  • an election in which all or most members of a given political body are chosen


    The general election for the parliament is held every four years.

  • an election in which voters choose a candidate to become the president of a country


    The presidential election in the United States is held every four years.

  • an election in which voters choose representatives for local government positions


    The local election for the city council is held every two years.

Origins of election

from Latin 'electionem', meaning 'a choice'


Summary: election in Brief

The term 'election' [ɪˈlekʃn] refers to the process of selecting a person or group of people for a position, often political, through voting. It includes phrases like 'general election,' 'presidential election,' and 'local election,' as well as idioms like 'the election is in the bag,' expressing confidence in winning, and 'to steal an election,' indicating manipulation of results.

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