What is the Opposite(Antonym) of “autoriser”?

The Opposite(Antonym) of “autoriser”

The antonyms of autoriser in French are interdire, refuser, and désapprouver. These words convey the opposite meaning of allowing or giving permission to do something.

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Definitions and Examples of interdire, refuser, désapprouver

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To prohibit or forbid someone from doing something.


Le gouvernement a décidé d'interdire la vente de cigarettes aux mineurs. (The government has decided to ban the sale of cigarettes to minors.)

To decline or reject a request or proposal.


Le directeur a refusé de donner une augmentation à ses employés. (The manager refused to give a raise to his employees.)


To express disapproval or negative judgment towards someone or something.


Les parents ont désapprouvé le choix de carrière de leur fils. (The parents disapproved of their son's career choice.)

Key Differences: interdire vs refuser vs désapprouver

  • 1Interdire is a stronger term than autoriser as it implies a complete prohibition or ban.
  • 2Refuser is a more specific term that denotes declining a request or proposal.
  • 3Désapprouver is a relational term that expresses disapproval or negative judgment towards someone or something.

Effective Usage of interdire, refuser, désapprouver

  • 1Legal Documents: Use autoriser and interdire in legal documents to indicate permission or prohibition.
  • 2Everyday Conversations: Use refuser to decline requests or proposals politely.
  • 3Expressing Opinions: Use désapprouver to express disapproval or negative judgment towards someone or something.

Remember this!

The antonyms of autoriser have distinct nuances: Interdire is a stronger term that implies a complete prohibition, refuser denotes declining a request or proposal, and désapprouver expresses disapproval or negative judgment. Use these words in legal documents, everyday conversations, and expressing opinions.

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