What is the Opposite(Antonym) of “dysgenic”?

The Opposite(Antonym) of “dysgenic”

The antonym of dysgenic are eugenic, beneficial, and favorable. The antonyms eugenic, beneficial, and favorable convey a positive or advantageous meaning. It implies a state of improvement, betterment, or enhancement.

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Definitions and Examples of eugenic, beneficial, favorable

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Relating to or promoting the improvement of genetic traits, especially in humans.


The eugenic policies of the early 20th century aimed to improve the genetic quality of the population.

Producing good effects; favorable or advantageous.


Regular exercise has many beneficial effects on physical and mental health.

Expressing approval or support; advantageous or beneficial.


The company's financial report showed a favorable trend in revenue growth.

Key Differences: eugenic vs beneficial vs favorable

  • 1Eugenic refers to the promotion of genetic improvement, especially in humans.
  • 2Beneficial describes something that produces good effects or is advantageous.
  • 3Favorable expresses approval or support and is advantageous or beneficial.

Effective Usage of eugenic, beneficial, favorable

  • 1Science and Medicine: Use eugenic to describe policies or practices that aim to improve genetic traits.
  • 2Business and Finance: Use beneficial and favorable to describe trends, outcomes, or decisions that have positive effects.
  • 3Politics and Law: Use favorable to describe opinions, judgments, or outcomes that are supportive or advantageous.

Remember this!

The antonyms have distinct nuances: Eugenic refers to genetic improvement, beneficial describes something that produces good effects, and favorable expresses approval or support. Use these words in science, medicine, business, finance, politics, and law to describe policies, practices, trends, outcomes, decisions, opinions, judgments, or outcomes that are positive, advantageous, or supportive.

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