What is the Opposite(Antonym) of “extraverted”?

The Opposite(Antonym) of “extraverted”

The antonyms of extraverted are introverted, shy, and reserved. These words describe different personality traits that relate to social behavior and interaction.

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Definitions and Examples of introverted, shy, reserved

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Tending to be more focused on one's inner thoughts and feelings rather than on external stimuli or social interaction.


She is an introverted person who prefers spending time alone with a book rather than going out with friends.

Feeling nervous or timid in the company of others; lacking confidence in social situations.


He is too shy to ask her out on a date, even though he likes her.

Tending to keep one's thoughts and feelings to oneself; not inclined to share them with others.


She is a reserved person who doesn't like to talk about her personal life with others.

Key Differences: introverted vs shy vs reserved

  • 1Introverted describes a personality trait that focuses on one's inner thoughts and feelings, while extraverted focuses on external stimuli and social interaction.
  • 2Shy describes a feeling of nervousness or timidity in social situations, while extraverted implies a confident and outgoing personality.
  • 3Reserved describes a tendency to keep one's thoughts and feelings to oneself, while extraverted implies a willingness to share and express oneself in social situations.

Effective Usage of introverted, shy, reserved

  • 1Self-Reflection: Use these antonyms to identify and describe your own personality traits.
  • 2Social Interaction: Use these antonyms to understand and communicate with people who have different personalities.
  • 3Personality Development: Use these antonyms to develop and improve your own personality traits.

Remember this!

The antonyms of extraverted describe different personality traits related to social behavior and interaction. Introverted focuses on inner thoughts and feelings, shy implies nervousness or timidity, and reserved suggests a tendency to keep thoughts and feelings to oneself. Use these antonyms for self-reflection, social interaction, and personality development.

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