unsociable Definition

  • 1not enjoying or seeking the company of others; solitary
  • 2not inclined to socialize or associate with others

Using unsociable: Examples

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    He's always been a bit unsociable, preferring to spend his time alone.

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    She's become increasingly unsociable since her husband died.

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    I'm feeling a bit unsociable today, so I think I'll stay in and read.

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Summary: unsociable in Brief

The term 'unsociable' [ˌʌnsəʊʃəbəl] refers to someone who does not enjoy or seek the company of others, and is not inclined to socialize or associate with them. It can be used to describe someone who is solitary or reclusive, and is often used to express a temporary feeling of wanting to be alone. Antonyms include sociable, outgoing, and friendly.