antisocial Definition

  • 1not wanting to be around people or to take part in social activities
  • 2harmful or hostile to society

Using antisocial: Examples

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    He's always been a bit antisocial, preferring to stay home rather than go out with friends.

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    The criminal's behavior was deemed antisocial by the authorities.

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    Her antisocial tendencies made it difficult for her to make friends.

antisocial Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with antisocial

  • a mental health condition characterized by a disregard for other people's rights and feelings, and a lack of empathy


    People with antisocial personality disorder may engage in criminal behavior and have difficulty forming relationships.

  • actions that are harmful or disruptive to society, such as vandalism or aggression


    The school has a zero-tolerance policy for antisocial behavior.

  • social media platforms that are used to spread hate speech, fake news, or other harmful content


    The rise of antisocial media has become a major concern for governments and civil society organizations.

Origins of antisocial

from anti- meaning 'against' and social


Summary: antisocial in Brief

The term 'antisocial' [ˌæntiˈsəʊʃl] refers to a person who does not want to be around people or take part in social activities, or to actions that are harmful or hostile to society. It is often used to describe someone who is withdrawn or introverted, and can also refer to more serious conditions like antisocial personality disorder. Phrases like 'antisocial behavior' and 'antisocial media' denote actions or platforms that are harmful or disruptive to society.