What is the Opposite(Antonym) of “federalised”?

The Opposite(Antonym) of “federalised”

The antonyms of federalised are decentralized, disunited, and fragmented. These words convey the opposite meaning of federalised, which means to organize or unite something under a central authority or government.

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Definitions and Examples of decentralized, disunited, fragmented

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Organized in a way that power or control is distributed among different groups or individuals, rather than being held by a single central authority.


The company's management decided to adopt a decentralized approach to decision-making, giving more autonomy to regional offices.

Not united or working together effectively; lacking harmony or cooperation.


The team's performance suffered due to their disunited approach, with each member working independently without coordination.

Divided into separate parts or pieces; lacking coherence or unity.


The political landscape was fragmented due to the presence of multiple small parties with conflicting ideologies.

Key Differences: decentralized vs disunited vs fragmented

  • 1Decentralized implies a distribution of power or control among different groups or individuals.
  • 2Disunited suggests a lack of harmony or cooperation among members of a group.
  • 3Fragmented conveys a sense of division or lack of coherence.

Effective Usage of decentralized, disunited, fragmented

  • 1Politics: Use these antonyms to describe different forms of government or political systems.
  • 2Business: Incorporate these words to describe different organizational structures or approaches to management.
  • 3Social Issues: Utilize these antonyms to describe the state of society or community, especially in terms of unity or division.

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The antonyms of federalised convey different nuances: decentralized suggests a distribution of power, disunited implies a lack of harmony, and fragmented conveys a sense of division. These words can be used in various contexts such as politics, business, and social issues to describe different organizational structures, approaches to management, or the state of society.

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