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What is the opposite of “homelessness”?

What is the antonym of “homelessness”?

The antonyms of homelessness are housed, sheltered, and homed. These words describe a state of having a place to live, as opposed to being without a home or shelter.

Brief Definitions of the Antonym(s)

Learn when and how to use these words with these examples!


Provided with a place to live; having a home.


The government program aims to get more people housed by building affordable housing units.


Protected from the elements; provided with a place to stay.


The charity organization offers a sheltered space for homeless people to sleep and eat.


Having a place to call one's own; living in a permanent residence.


After years of struggling with homelessness, she finally found a way to get homed and start a new life.

How are these antonyms different from each other?

  • 1Housed refers to having a place to live, regardless of whether it is owned or rented.
  • 2Sheltered implies being protected from the elements and having a temporary place to stay.
  • 3Homed suggests having a permanent residence that one can call their own.

Good things to know

  • 1Discuss Housing: Use these antonyms to talk about different types of housing and living situations.
  • 2Advocate for Homeless People: Incorporate these words in conversations and writing to raise awareness about homelessness and advocate for solutions.
  • 3Compare and Contrast: Utilize these antonyms to compare and contrast different living situations and their advantages and disadvantages.

Remember this!

The antonyms of homelessness describe different states of having a place to live. Housed refers to having a place to live, sheltered implies temporary protection from the elements, and homed suggests having a permanent residence. Use these words to discuss housing, advocate for homeless people, and compare and contrast different living situations.

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