What is the Opposite(Antonym) of “nonapparently”?

The Opposite(Antonym) of “nonapparently”

The antonyms of nonapparently are apparently, clearly, and obviously. These words convey a sense of clarity or visibility, indicating that something is easily seen or understood.

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Definitions and Examples of apparently, clearly, obviously

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As far as one knows or can see; seemingly.


Apparently, the meeting has been postponed to next week.

In a way that is easy to see, hear, read, or understand.


He spoke clearly and slowly so that everyone could understand him.

In a way that is easily perceived or understood; clearly.


Obviously, she was upset by his comments.

Key Differences: apparently vs clearly vs obviously

  • 1Apparently suggests that something seems to be true based on the available evidence, but there may be room for doubt.
  • 2Clearly implies that something is easily seen or understood without any ambiguity.
  • 3Obviously indicates that something is so clear or self-evident that it requires no further explanation.

Effective Usage of apparently, clearly, obviously

  • 1Enhance Clarity: Use apparently, clearly, and obviously to make statements more precise and understandable.
  • 2Express Certainty: Incorporate these antonyms in conversations to express confidence and certainty.
  • 3Avoid Misunderstandings: Utilize these words to avoid misunderstandings and ensure that your message is conveyed accurately.

Remember this!

The antonyms apparently, clearly, and obviously convey a sense of clarity or visibility. Apparently suggests doubt, clearly implies no ambiguity, and obviously indicates self-evidence. Use these words to enhance clarity, express certainty, and avoid misunderstandings.

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