involvement Definition

  • 1the act of taking part in an activity or event
  • 2the state of being connected with or participating in something

Using involvement: Examples

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    His involvement in the project was crucial to its success.

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    The company's involvement in the community has earned it a good reputation.

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    I want to increase my involvement in local politics.

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    Her involvement in the scandal was minimal.

involvement Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for involvement

Idioms Using involvement

  • to be connected with or participate in something


    She denied having any involvement in the crime.

  • to become connected with or participate in something


    I decided to get involved in the local charity organization.

  • a high level of connection or participation in something


    Her deep involvement in the project made her a valuable team member.

Phrases with involvement

  • the participation of family members in a person's life, especially in the context of healthcare or education


    Family involvement is important for the well-being of patients in hospitals.

  • the participation of individuals or groups in activities that benefit the community


    Community involvement can help improve the quality of life in neighborhoods.

  • the participation of employees in decision-making processes and other aspects of company operations


    Employee involvement can lead to increased job satisfaction and productivity.


Summary: involvement in Brief

The term 'involvement' [ɪnˈvɒlvmənt] refers to taking part in or being connected with an activity or event. It can range from personal to professional contexts, such as 'Her involvement in the scandal was minimal.' 'Involvement' also extends into phrases like 'get involved,' and idioms like 'have involvement in something,' denoting connection or participation. Examples include 'The company's involvement in the community has earned it a good reputation.'

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