deep Definition

  • 1extending far down from the top or surface
  • 2having a large distance from the top or surface to the bottom
  • 3very intense or extreme

Using deep: Examples

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  • Example

    The pool is too deep for me to touch the bottom.

  • Example

    The ocean is very deep and full of mysteries.

  • Example

    She has a deep love for her family.

deep Synonyms and Antonyms

Idioms Using deep

  • in trouble or difficulty


    He found himself in deep water after losing his job.

  • jump in with both feet (or jump in headfirst)

    to start doing something without hesitation or reservation


    She decided to jump in with both feet and start her own business.

  • to remain brave and determined in the face of adversity


    Even though he was going through a tough time, he tried to keep a stiff upper lip.

Phrases with deep

  • to be lost in one's own thoughts, to be thinking intently


    She was deep in thought, trying to come up with a solution.

  • a state of sleep that is very sound and peaceful


    After a long day at work, he fell into a deep sleep.

  • a breath that is taken slowly and deeply, often used to calm oneself down


    She took a deep breath before giving her speech.


Summary: deep in Brief

The term 'deep' [diːp] refers to something extending far down from the top or surface, having a large distance from the top or surface to the bottom, or being very intense or extreme. It can describe physical attributes such as the depth of a pool or the ocean, or emotional attributes such as a deep love for someone. Phrases like 'deep in thought,' 'deep sleep,' and 'deep breath' are commonly used, while idioms like 'in deep water' and 'keep a stiff upper lip' convey deeper meanings.

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