What is the Opposite(Antonym) of “nondrying”?

The Opposite(Antonym) of “nondrying”

The antonyms of nondrying are drying and dehydrating. The antonyms drying and dehydrating convey a process of removing moisture or making something dry.

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Definitions and Examples of drying, dehydrating

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Removing moisture from something; making it dry.


The drying process of the paint took longer than expected due to the high humidity in the air.

Removing water or moisture from something; causing it to become dry.


The dehydrating effect of the sun made her skin feel tight and dry.

Key Differences: drying vs dehydrating

  • 1Drying refers to the process of removing moisture from something, while dehydrating is a more general term that can refer to the removal of water or moisture from anything.
  • 2Drying can be used to describe a natural process, such as the sun drying clothes on a clothesline, while dehydrating typically refers to an intentional process, such as using a dehydrator to remove moisture from food.

Effective Usage of drying, dehydrating

  • 1Cooking: Use drying and dehydrating to describe food preparation techniques.
  • 2Beauty: Incorporate these antonyms when discussing skincare products and their effects.
  • 3Science: Utilize these antonyms when studying the properties of materials and their reactions to moisture.

Remember this!

The antonyms drying and dehydrating describe the process of removing moisture from something. Drying refers to the removal of moisture, while dehydrating can refer to the removal of water or moisture from anything. These antonyms can be used in cooking, beauty, and science contexts.

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