What is the Opposite(Antonym) of “unlapsed”?

The Opposite(Antonym) of “unlapsed”

The antonyms of unlapsed are lapsed, expired, and invalid. These words describe the opposite of something that is current, valid, or active.

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Definitions and Examples of lapsed, expired, invalid

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No longer active or valid; expired.


His gym membership has lapsed because he hasn't gone in six months.

No longer valid or enforceable; out of date.


The coupon has expired and can no longer be used.

Not legally or officially acceptable.


The passport is invalid because it's expired.

Key Differences: lapsed vs expired vs invalid

  • 1Lapsed refers to something that was once active or valid but is no longer so.
  • 2Expired refers to something that is no longer valid because it has reached its expiration date.
  • 3Invalid refers to something that is not legally or officially acceptable.

Effective Usage of lapsed, expired, invalid

  • 1Legal Documents: Use lapsed, expired, and invalid to describe the status of legal documents such as contracts, licenses, and permits.
  • 2Subscriptions: Use these antonyms to describe the status of subscriptions, memberships, and other time-limited services.
  • 3Product Warranties: Incorporate these antonyms when describing the validity of product warranties.

Remember this!

The antonyms lapsed, expired, and invalid describe the opposite of something that is current, valid, or active. Use these words to describe the status of legal documents, subscriptions, memberships, product warranties, and other time-limited services.

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