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What's the difference between "technically", "frankly" and "theoretically"?


Native speaker’s answer


"Technically" means according to facts or rules; precisely. We use "technically" when we know something is true but don't necessarily follow the rules. Ex: Technically, we should be wearing seatbelts, but her house is only a few blocks away. Ex: Technically, she is single, but she has feelings for someone. "Frankly" means to be honest or direct with someone or about something. Ex: Frankly, I don't like her. She's rude to you. Ex: We shouldn't be doing this. It's dangerous and frankly really stupid. "Theoretically" means according to an ideal but isn't necessarily true because of different circumstances. Ex: Theoretically, you could park downtown. Good luck, though. Traffic is nuts. Ex: Theoretically, the pen is mightier than the sword.

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