slight Definition

  • 1small in degree; inconsiderable
  • 2insulting in an indirect way

Using slight: Examples

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  • Example

    There was only a slight improvement in his condition.

  • Example

    She gave him a slight smile.

  • Example

    He felt a slight pain in his back.

  • Example

    The company suffered a slight loss last quarter.

slight Synonyms and Antonyms

Idioms Using slight

  • slight on one's feet

    able to move quickly and easily


    As a dancer, she is very slight on her feet.

  • very thin and delicate in appearance


    She was as slight as a reed and looked fragile.

  • the ability to speak in a way that is clever and persuasive


    Her slight of tongue helped her win the debate.

Phrases with slight

  • a small possibility of something happening


    There is only a slight chance of rain today.

  • a person who is thin and delicate in appearance


    She has a slight figure and looks very graceful.

  • a clever and deceptive trick performed with the hands


    The magician's slight of hand left the audience amazed.

Origins of slight

from Old English 'sliht', meaning 'smooth, gentle, or sleek'


Summary: slight in Brief

The term 'slight' [slaɪt] refers to something small or minor, often used to describe physical sensations or degrees of change. It can also be used to describe indirect insults. Examples include 'There was only a slight improvement in his condition.' and 'She gave him a slight smile.' Phrases like 'slight chance' and idioms like 'slight on one's feet' further illustrate the concept of smallness.

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