abridged Definition

shortened or condensed, especially a book or movie.

Using abridged: Examples

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    The abridged version of the novel is much shorter than the original.

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    The movie was an abridged adaptation of the book.

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    The abridged dictionary is easier to carry around than the full version.

abridged Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with abridged

  • a shortened version of a book or other written work


    I prefer the abridged edition of 'War and Peace' because it's easier to read.

  • a shortened or condensed version of something


    The abridged version of the movie left out some important scenes.

  • a dictionary that has been shortened or condensed


    The abridged dictionary is perfect for students who need a portable reference.

Origins of abridged

from Old French 'abregier', meaning 'to shorten'


Summary: abridged in Brief

'Abridged' [əˈbrɪdʒd] means shortened or condensed, especially in reference to a book or movie. It is often used to describe a version of a work that has been edited down for brevity or clarity. Examples include the abridged version of a novel or the abridged dictionary. 'Abridged' is the opposite of 'unabridged' and is commonly used in academic and literary contexts.