afar Definition

at, to, or from a great distance.

Using afar: Examples

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    The sound of the drums could be heard from afar.

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    She traveled afar to see the world.

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    The ship sailed afar into the horizon.

afar Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with afar

  • from a distance


    I saw him standing afar off.

  • afar country

    a distant or foreign land


    He left his home and went to an afar country.

  • a long time from now


    We can't predict what will happen afar in the future.

Origins of afar

from Old English 'of feor'


Summary: afar in Brief

'Afar' [əˈfɑː(r)] is an adverb that refers to something that is at, to, or from a great distance. It is often used to describe physical distance, as in 'She traveled afar to see the world,' or to indicate a figurative distance, as in 'afar in the future.' The phrase 'afar off' means from a distance.